120W LED Corn Light 400W HID Replacement Lamp

Internal driver 120W LED Corn Light HID replacement. HPS, MHL, Mercury lamps

1.  New heat sink material 'Fin Aluminum' for better heat dissipation ; Lighter in weight
2.  Internal driver / Rubycon capacitor/ Capsulated driver 
3.  Internal fan on higher wattage lamps , prevents overheating and extends life

4.  Replacement: CFL/ HPS/ MHL/ HID/ Mercury and more... 
5.  Multi-function: use for retrofit replacement of street lights, park lights, flood lights,  garden lights, highbays and more... 

Family of WH-YM-B3 series


Power Input Voltage Lumens Dimension   Base Packaging


for replacement

WH-YM-A1-36W 36W AC 100-305V 4680 LM Φ150*184mm E39/E40 56*56*23cm/9pcs         70W HID
WH-YM-A1-54W 54W AC 100-305V 7020 LM Φ150*208mm E39/E40 56*56*25cm/9pcs         150W HID
WH-YM-A1-80W 80W AC 100-305V 9600 LM Φ150*224mm E39/E40 56*56*27cm/9pcs         250W HID
WH-YM-A1-100W 100W AC 100-305V 12000LM Φ150*244mm E39/E40 56*56*30cm/9pcs         250W HID
WH-YM-A1-120W 120W AC 100-305V 14400LM Φ150*268mm E39/E40 56*56*32cm/9pcs         400W HID
WH-YM-A1-16W 150W AC 100-305V 18000LM Φ150*304mm E39/E40 56*56*34cm/9pcs         400W HID
WH-YM-A1-20W 200W AC 100-305V 24000LM ø150*360mm E39/E40 56*56*40cm/9pcs         500W HID


Electrical & Wiring

We have eliminated the ballast component of the light which, in a conventional LED fixture, transforms
the main voltage to DC and steps the voltage down to the level required by the LED. The ballast and LED
in a standard fixture are often not compatible with the existing building management systems as the ballast
has specific power requirements in order to supply the LED module with the correct DC voltage and amperage


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